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  • Valued Customer 12-Jan-2018
    Customer Experience

    Thank you Bridgfords Manchester

    Nick, Lauren, Ekth, Demi and Zahid and the team were all very accommodating and helpful throughout the process and went over and above to put my mind at ease and they were thoroughly professional throughout. My property was sold within 2.5 weeks and notwithstanding the occasional delays that can often come with selling leasehold property, the team continued to set my mind at ease. I have heard terrible stories about other estate agents' models where the seller does all the work in return for a small fee, or "no commission." Those who opt for this option should be reminded that 'traditional' estate agents no longer charge the same kind of fees they used to and so they remain competitive and take all the hard work and sting out of the process. Well done Bridgfords. And thank you.

    Customer Relations Team 12-Jan-2018

    Thank you for taking the time to leave us your 5 star review of the excellent service you received from our Bridgfords team in Manchester. It is excellent to read that the whole team went over and above to put your mind at ease and were professional throughout. Kind regards, Emma. <br />

  • 15-Dec-2017
    Customer Experience

    Bridgfords Estate Agent

    Although they were quite active during the selling process, activity seemed to disappear after Sold STC status had been achieved. Indeed, the estate agent of the house I purchased was significantly more proactive - with regular contact... & were better at their performance than my own solicitors ! Also, the fees charged by this estate agent were quite pricey considering what was given in return.

    Customer Relations Team 15-Dec-2017

    Thank you for taking the time to leave us your feedback. Feedback is always important to us as we use it to improve the service delivered at a local level. I am sorry to read that you felt that after a sale was agreed, the activity seemed to disappear. I would like to invite you to leave us further feedback at so that we can look further into this, if you wish. Kind regards, Emma. <br />

  • 07-Oct-2017
    Customer Experience

    My service feedback with Sales

    Overall it was good for the commission I paid however, I would not class the service outstanding. Also they need to improve their organisations and coordination skills.

    Customer Relations Team 09-Oct-2017

    Thank you for leaving your feedback. I am pleased to note that you thought we were good overall for the commission you were charged, however, I was sorry to read that there were areas for improvement. We do use all feedback as an opportunity to learn and your comments have been forwarded to the Retail Performance Director for his knowledge. If you would like to provide further feedback please feel free to e-mail us at Kind regards, Scott<br />

  • 01-Sep-2017
    Customer Experience

    Great service

    Great, responsive service and they found me an excellent buyer.

    Customer Relations Team 02-Sep-2017

    Thank you for you wonderful 5* review of our Bridgfords branch in Manchester. It was great to see that you found them responsive in their service and that they were able to find you the perfect buyer. Kind regards, Scott<br />

  • B.Le Masurier, Surrey 25-Aug-2017
    Customer Experience

    Buyer found quickly but lengthy sale due to slow Buyer's Solicitor.

    Polite and efficient staff,good choice of Seller's Solicitor. Buyer's Solicitor very slow and the cost of the various packages re Simarc pml and Scanlans pml should have been shared so some advice should have been available in the early days on this type of outlay (approx. £700). Be a little more explicit re information asked for/waited for by Seller's Solicitor.

    Customer Relations Team 25-Aug-2017

    Thank you very much for taking the time to leave us this feedback. I'm glad that the overall service was good. If you would like to discuss your experience in greater detail please email\nKind Regards,\nSarah<br />

  • Valued Customer 02-Aug-2017
    Customer Experience

    5 stars for Demi !! :-)

    Selling my property was straightforward and the sales team were helpful and informative. Demi Massey however, gets 5 stars from me as she was the one that kept me constantly updated, chased up offers, chased solicitors, helped me chase up the lettings dept to get repairs organised and every phone answered or delivered in a cheery and professional manner. Thank you Demi!! 9/10 for sales 1/10 for letting experience Overall 5/10

    Customer Relations Team 05-Aug-2017

    Thank you for fantastic review for Demi and the sales team at Bridgfords in Manchester. It is great to see that the whole team made the process of selling as easy as possible and kept you informed of the progress throughout. I can see however that you have rated the branch 4* and would be very much grateful if you could advise on what we could have improved on to gain that final star. Please feel free to contact us at where we would love to be able to gain a further insight. Kind regards.<br />

  • Patricia Holmes Valued Customer, Bradford, West Yorkshire 14-Jul-2017
    Customer Experience

    My service feedback with Sales

    I have always found the staff at Bridgfords very helpful, polite and knowledgeable.

    Customer Relations Team 15-Jul-2017

    Thanks Patricia for the wonderful 5 star review about our Manchester City Centre branch of Bridgfords. It's great to see you have been able to take advantage of the experience of our agents and who are also approachable and helpful. Kind regards,<br />

  • 05-Jan-2017
    Customer Experience

    Excellent service after a slow start

    Once the team got into action they were fantastic, and made herculean efforts to bring a very protracted sale to a conclusion. But I did have initial problems getting accurate particulars written and published.

    Customer Relations Team 12-Jan-2017

    Thank you for your feedback. Your comments have been passed to everyone involved and taken on board. Many thanks. <br />

  • Valued Customer 04-Dec-2016
    Customer Experience

    Excellent service by Bridgfords Estate Agents

    Altogether satisfied with services received. Polite staff

    Customer Relations Team 06-Dec-2016

    Thank you for the wonderful review. I have passed your comments to the Bridgfords Manchester City Centre team.<br />

  • 16-Aug-2016
    Customer Experience

    Im glad i moved and i am settled but it didnt need to be as stressful

    All was fine except ithat you recommend countrywide who were not good i and my buyer had to continually chase then eg my contact had something for 5 weeks before (after us telling them to ) to pass info over to the buyers contact she was getting emails saying they couldnt do anything until he had it . They work in the same building !! We signed for key contract had the house insured. got house owners permission to go in to clean the carpets hired a carpet cleaner , drove 68 miles. When we got there they wouldnt release the keys to the estate agent as something else hadnt been done on there side. The final thing was they hadnt asked for the morgage money from my buyers lender 2 days before so we were told we couldnt move on set date not even tne next week maybe . In the end we did move on ste date but there was something every week we had to chase which made the whole experience alot more streeful than im sure it needed to Be. You are expensive and yes i sold it very quickly but icant say i felt supported as i always knew more than the agent who would update me . Im sure you are aware of countrywides reputation so you sre setting up your clients to have a more stressful time than it needs to be . When the agent in clevelys in blackpool heard who i was using she just said it wont be an easy ride and here we go again .