How to take great photographs to showcase your property

Follow these helpful tips to get picture perfect photos of your home:

       1.   Set the scene – arrange furniture and accessories to help tell your home’s story

       2.   Take trial photographs – digital photos mean you can take as many test shots as you need

       3.   Check your lighting – maximise light both inside and outside

       4.   Interior shots - have all the lights on for warmth and appeal

       5.   Exterior shots - take exterior shots in the morning on a sunny day

       6.   Show off each room – shoot from a corner or doorway to capture the largest space

       7.   Focus on features – if your home has a unique selling point, photograph it

       8.   Take more photos – take more photos than you think you will need, then be selective

       9.   Touch ups - adjusting brightness, colour, contrast and cropping can make all the difference

       10. Get a professional photographer - hiring a professional is very cost effective when selling


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