• How do I create an account?

    To create your online account, simply click on the Sign up button at the top of the page.

  • How do I arrange a viewing?

    Once you have registered as a buyer and selected a property you are interested in viewing, a calendar on the website will display available date and time slots which you can select to book a viewing.

    You will be able to book multiple viewings for any property that you see online. Creating an account and logging into our website gives you your own personal area where you can book viewings, give feedback, make offers and progress the purchase of your new home. Search on our website for the properties you would like to view and watch ‘Buying a home with us’. Once booked all of your viewings will show in the ‘My viewings’ area of the website. For assistance please call

    Visiting someone’s property can be exciting but you may also be slightly anxious. They too might be nervous about inviting you into their home.  If you have arranged a viewing it is always advisable to take someone with you during the viewing and to have told someone where you are going and when.

  • Why do I have to sign up and log in to review the viewing calendar?

    To protect your own security and that of the seller.

  • Can I sign up as a buyer and seller at the same time?

    Yes. You can use the same log in details for both.

  • What do I do if the viewing date and time I want is not available?

    If the time you want is marked as unavailable on the calendar so that you cannot make a booking, you do have the option to select an alternative time slot or call us on  to enquire if your specific time can be accommodated. 

  • How do I change or cancel a viewing?

    You can amend your viewing through the online viewing calendar. You will need to cancel the existing viewing and then find an alternative time and date and make a new viewing appointment for that time.

  • Can I go in to my local branch to discuss the properties that I have seen online?

    Yes of course, and one of our experienced property consultants will be happy to help you.

  • Why do I have to give viewing feedback?

    Providing feedback to a seller is a great indication of how the buying public view the property. Not only will this assist the seller, but it may also help you to secure one that you like!